Manufacturer Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development For Manufacturing

Lind Electronics has become a success for many reasons.  One is having a superior product that no other company can duplicate.  It is an honor for us to have Lind as a client! They have allowed us the ability to build custom web solutions to problems.

The Phones

The problem we needed to solve was to enable the user to filter their products by specifications or make and model.  In the past, when a customer has questions or the options of picking from a large pool of options, they would give them a call. Continue reading “Manufacturer Custom WordPress Development”

ERP Web Software Intergration

Custom Website Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a critical part of  company success.  One of our clients recently integrated with an ERP and had us connect the site with this internal software.

The vendor does provide an Application Programming Interface (API) that gave our web developers access to dynamic data.  Data encryption allows us a secure connection with critical data points to ensure customers data integrity. Continue reading “ERP Web Software Intergration”

Mendakota Pediatrics

Small Business Partner and Customer

We have many children that have needed some special pediatric care within Ipsity over the years.  This company was built for a family that is looking for great pediatric care in the twin cities metro area.  As soon as we witnessed the exceptional services this office provided, we wanted to help promote this amazing service to other families.

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and promotion of the exceptional services Medakota provides has always been priority #1 in our relationship.  Continue reading “Mendakota Pediatrics”

Theodore Wirth Winter Website

Minneapolis Parks Web Development

The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board hired Ipsity to be a consultant on a few projects in 2003.  One of these projects was to help start a winter recreation program at Theodore Wirth.

This project was massive and took years to build all aspects of the winter program.  This post will be about the website development that was built for the program.  Continue reading “Theodore Wirth Winter Website”

Red Wing Classic – 2018

2018 We Are Changing Some Things Up

The Red Wing Area Mountain Bike Organization and Ipsity have a big announcement for the 2018 season.  Before we get into that announcement,  we have asked the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series if we could take the 2018 calendar year off.  We need this time to focus our efforts on building a green/beginner trail.   This hiatus from the series will allow us to focus our efforts directly to this project.

The series has granted us the year hiatus.  We would like to offer the public a mountain bike race in a small form to generate funds for the newly established 501 (C) 3. Continue reading “Red Wing Classic – 2018”