Ipsity is a full-service brand experience and technology support agency.  Our core brand, digital, content and live capabilities help elevate brands while our technology driven arm feeds the way a brand is consumed and functions behind the scenes.



Expanding, creating and owning it’s intended purpose

Brand Strategy

Retail Promotion

Visual Design

Packaging Design

Advertising Campaigns

Branding Collateral


Analyzing, tracking and using human interactions

Website & eCommerce

Email Broadcasting

Custom Development

Organic & Paid

SEO Monitoring



Analyzing, tracking and using human interactions

Photo/Video Production

Product Engagement

User Experience

Content Strategy


Infuse your brand or service to a captive audience.

Sponsorship Marketing

Event Marketing

Promotional Marketing

Engagement Strategy

Technology & Processes

G Suite

Not only are we a Google Cloud Partner with certified G Suite (formerly Google Apps) migration specialists on staff, but we drink our own kool-aid too. We’ve been fanatical users of Google Cloud technologies since day one.

Our deep knowledge of Google’s cloud technologies paired with our broader IT support and management experience leads to maximum ROI for the organizations we serve.

Work with Ipsity’s certified G Suite (Google Apps) Migration Specialists to seamlessly migrate historical email, contacts, and calendars to Google Apps.

If you’re currently on an Exchange Server, we would be honored to take that down, migrate all your data and push it to a solution that is a 10th of the cost of maintenance.


We focus our efforts to find office solutions that work and the solutions that best fit each client.  Not every client is the same and we will scale our support on individual needs.

Punch panels, network switches, repeaters, and wireless routers that need to be connected at your home or business can be confusing.  Our team can survey your site and give you advice on setup and any hardware needs.   We have hardware purchasing power with Dell and Apple due to our volumn of business.

Mobile devices play a major role in how you use this hardware and how it work in sync with software.  If you have an Android or iPhone, we can get your device to work with G Suite or any business software suite.



What is Ipsity? We’re not entirely sure honestly… Are we Creatives? Graphic designers? Web designers? Maybe web developers? Commercial artists? Trend-spotters? Branding experts? Fashionistas? Computer nerds – Definitely.

We are unique as we work with Intellectual Property and Internet Protocol.  We wanted to work with customers around the city sity, and Ipsity was born March of 2002.

We are, simply speaking, a small shop, with all of the benefits and pit-falls therein. You see what you get; no account executives, no receptionists, no bagels and coffee.

Regardless, if you are looking for switchboards, hold music, synergy, ideation, and enough buzz-words to fill a conference room, we’re probably not the ONE. But, if you love what you do and are proud of your company, your product and your employees, chances are we might fit right in. We thrive on relationships of mutual respect, commitment and enjoyment – with our clients, our collaborators and each other; for nearly seventeen years, we have left a wake of satisfied customers and quality work in our path…so drop us a line, because we’re Ipsity.