What is Ipsity? We’re not entirely sure honestly… Are we Creatives? Graphic designers? Web designers? Maybe web developers? Commercial artists? Trend-spotters? Branding experts? Fashionistas? Computer nerds – Definitely.

We are unique as we work with Intellectual Property and Internet Protocol.  We wanted to work with customers around the city sity, and Ipsity was born March of 2002.

We are, simply speaking, a small shop, with all of the benefits and pit-falls therein. You see what you get; no account executives, no receptionists, no bagels and coffee.

Regardless, if you are looking for switchboards, hold music, synergy, ideation, and enough buzz-words to fill a conference room, we’re probably not the ONE. But, if you love what you do and are proud of your company, your product and your employees, chances are we might fit right in. We thrive on relationships of mutual respect, commitment and enjoyment – with our clients, our collaborators and each other; for nearly seventeen years, we have left a wake of satisfied customers and quality work in our path…so drop us a line, because we’re Ipsity.