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The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board hired Ipsity to be a consultant on a few projects in 2003.  One of these projects was to help start a winter recreation program at Theodore Wirth.

This project was massive and took years to build all aspects of the winter program.  This post will be about the website development that was built for the program. 

Finding anything on the MPRB website has been difficult to navigate due to the sheer size of the site.  Creating a site dedicated to the winter program help feed the program with life with traffic from the general public.  The site enabled us to brand the program, sell lift passes, sign up for ski / snowboard lessons, purchase season passes and push out real time information about snow conditions.

This site helped the program establish itself as a revenue source and not a liability.  Here are some numbers to give some perspective on what we were able to do in terms of receipts.

2005/2006: $23,534.00
2006/2007*: $78,337.39

* website was launched

Before an outside vendor took over the program, the receipts reached beyond 1/4 million and projected to keep growing 5% each year.

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