Lind Electronics

Building the brand one power supply adapter at a time.

Lind Electronics is a leader in the massive global commercial power supply industry. Practically everything in the fire, police and military vehicle space that has a laptop is powered by an adapter from Lind.

G Suite Migration

We were asked to bring over all email, contacts and calendar items from a POP3 server to the G Suite server for over 45 employees. While reducing the cost with time savings, this suite gave tools like chat, shared calendars and docs without increasing any costs.  Some of this data was as old as March of 1988.

wordpress Project: 460 to 4,500

A global brand that needed help reaching customers in a technical space without having customers reaching for the phone.   With our custom code, we developed a product filter system that would assist anyone looking to hardwire a computer power supply in any vehicle.

With this filtering system, we had the ability to increase product sku’s from 460 and import 4,500 products to the new site without confusing the customer.  This also simplifies the process for customers but also the sales department.

Visit to see our web development work.  If you need any custom wordpress work done or any email migration from a legacy system, please send us a message .

This project took two years to develop.   The first 6 months was fixing the massive plugin problem from the previous developer.  We won’t name any names but companies that charge premium prices without premium skills give the industry a bad rap.  Lookout for a developer agency in Arizona that thinks they know what they are doing.

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