Net 30 Customer Application Development

Increasing Sales With Terms Application

Ipsity web developers have focused on saving time for all of our clients to ensure a short return on investment (ROI).  We start all web projects with the question of “What do you waste the most time with on a weekly basis?”.  Most employees can easily list items that they have to do manually and that is where we help our clients.

Many customers that our client deals with are cities, parks, police departments, fire departments and large government entities without high credit card limits.  This sends them to the phone to call in orders between 9-5 to the sales department.  These entities need to add a PO to an order and need to send a physical check via standard mail.

Out with the old and in with the new

The old process, done on paper, was manually entered in their ERP to allow terms.  Our process can be done by allowing an admin to authorize existing web order accounts easily.  The customers that have not ordered online will be sent a link to the application to get the process started.

A manual process to approve the application due to customer vetting of credit is still needed.  Our process will enter the approval in the ERP automatically and tie it to an existing customer number.  Orders from approved customers now can view order history.  The account holder can track shipments and get invoices in a email after the order is completed.

If your company uses a ERP, contact us today to see how we can save you time on a weekly basis.  The focus is ROI development, making the manual tasks slowly go away.  The development time took a few weeks to accomplish.  We where able to send the client to the testing site for proof of concept.  As soon as the client approved, were where able to push live during business hours without any down time.


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