Net 30 Customer Application Development

Net 30 application web development

Increasing Sales With Terms Application

Ipsity web developers have focused on saving time for all of our clients to ensure a short return on investment (ROI).  We start all web projects with the question of “What do you waste the most time with on a weekly basis?”.  Most employees can easily list items that they have to do manually and that is where we help our clients.

Many customers that our client deals with are cities, parks, police departments, fire departments and large government entities without high credit card limits.  This sends them to the phone to call in orders between 9-5 to the sales department.  These entities need to add a PO to an order and need to send a physical check via standard mail. Continue reading “Net 30 Customer Application Development”

ERP Web Software Intergration

Custom Website Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a critical part of  company success.  One of our clients recently integrated with an ERP and had us connect the site with this internal software.

The vendor does provide an Application Programming Interface (API) that gave our web developers access to dynamic data.  Data encryption allows us a secure connection with critical data points to ensure customers data integrity. Continue reading “ERP Web Software Intergration”