Technology Infrastructure Install – Exit Reality Upper Midwest

Nothing To Everything Tech

An old client gave us a call this fall to check out a new commercial build in Lakeville, MN.  The call started with “I am getting a large amount of solicitations about technology infrastructure.  I don’t trust any of them but I trust Ipsity to get me the correct items for our new office.”

We headed down to check out the site to find an empty utility closet.  We found over 50 cat. 6 cables laying on the floor and a wireless router purchased from Best Buy.  The cables where one thing but a wireless router in a concrete closet in the back tells the story well.

After consulting to let the client know the bad news, they called the next day to let me know that a partner was closing it’s doors.  They had to get out of their office and get rid of all their infrastructure technology that week.  We headed over and found all the needed pieces at reasonable prices. Continue reading “Technology Infrastructure Install – Exit Reality Upper Midwest”