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Google Apps Deployment | Twin Cities Google Business Platform in Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Google Apps For Business




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Google Apps Enterprise Partner

Google Apps for Business help you and your team stay as productive out of the office as you are in it. With the flexibility to work together on documents, share calendars, stay connected and sync files on any device, from every location. Google Apps for Business means the office is wherever you need it to be.

Work should be a thing you do, not a place you go. Join over 4 million companies who use Google Apps for Business to work flexibly, productively and efficiently from anywhere. Give us a call to find out more.

Email & Data Migration

When making the transition to cloud-based solutions for messaging and calendar, we know that one of the top priorities on any IT admin's To-Do List is the safe, secure transfer of legacy company data. Ipsitys' migrations teams have spent years honing a precise, dependable process for migrating everything from archived emails to calendars, contacts and other key data sets to Google's secure Cloud servers.

Training & Change Management

Ipsitys'experts ensure a smooth, minimally disruptive transition to new cloud solutions thanks to training and change management models designed to maximize workforce adoption, usage and proficiency. Continuously tested for effectiveness, Ipsitys' on-site, remote and eLearning solutions offer an extensive catalog of training options maintained by experts with decades of Fortune 500 adult learning experience. With specialized programs for end-users, administrative assistants and system administrators, your employees will be engaged with the technology at every level.

Customer & Product Support

The Ipsity Cloud Management team strives to ensure every end-user is fully equipped to maximize the value of our customers' investment in the cloud. Ipsitys' extensive experience with Google Apps and other cloud platforms allows us to act as your trusted guide as your organization embarks on your journey to a more agile business in the cloud. We know communication is a vital part of any transition, which is why our product and technical support specialists are available to field questions and offer valuable insights to administrators about our technology solutions — through every stage of the adoption process, for the duration of your partnership with us.

Watch the video below and contact us when your ready to take your business or project to the next level of productivity.