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Ipsity Event Marketing & Management

  • Welcome to the way brands break through today. Through Event Marketing. The need to reach consumers directly is more important than ever. Think about it: media has become more cluttered and fragmented. And the way media is consumed has changed, too. Customers are more wary of traditional advertising. A combination that makes it tough to break through. Ipsity Marketing can help. Since 1994, we've been creating Event Marketing that gets noticed, gets through and gets results. We do it with solutions custom-built for each client. With proven tools like Mobile Marketing, Event Marketing, ReMarketing and more.


    • Experience with Large and Small Events
    • Now, more than ever, experience counts. It counts for consumers: When they experience your brand for themselves it connects with them like never before. It counts for clients: They need and deserve the experience of working with committed, creative pros who deliver each time.

    • Make Your Brand Great
    • Consumers aren't just sitting around, waiting for your truth to find them. They're active and out there, participating in the sports, shows and events that matter to them. And being part of all that is a sure-fire way to make your brand matter to them, too. Think of us as your ultimate party planners with Event Marketing.

    • Events We Established
    • Triple Grind Snowboard SeriesSnowboard In The CityMetric Auto Works